Odd ! This story reported by Sud Ouest is a real mystery as to the true motivations of the suspects. Indeed, two men, Ylias and Pierre, were sleeping in their car after a drunken evening in a nightclub when two men interrupted them. These two men, in civilian clothes, arrived around 6:15 a.m. in a Clio and announced that it was a police check. Not believing the two fake policemen, Ylias and Pierre have some doubts.

The tone therefore rose to end in a fight. Just then one of the imposters pulls out a gun. “I don’t know how, I managed to take the gun and turn it against my attacker. But when I pulled the trigger, it was empty. I then threw it in the back of my car” , had told one of the victims in court, on Tuesday, December 27. Afterwards, the two victims call the real police. At the same time, one of the imposters did the same, claiming that he was a sports shooter and that thieves had stolen his gun.

All paraphernalia in their car

During the intervention of the police, many objects with police logos were found in the car of the two impostors. There is talk of a fake card, an armband and even a metal badge. There was even a tear gas canister and two cards from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The main suspect then claimed that he was passionate about the police. Holder of a security trades license, he said that all these objects were necessary for him to “work in the dark”. The case is ongoing…

Fascinated by the police and security, he goes completely wrong on Christmas Eve

Passionate about police and security, he goes completely off the rails on Christmas Eve © Pexels

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Maria T.

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