Fantastic Beasts 3: actor jailed for sexual assault

His career has just taken a new turn. Kevin Guthrie, known for his role in the feature film Sunshine on Leith by Dexter Fletcher but also Fantastic Beasts, was the subject since last Monday, of a trial in Glasgow court. The verdict was delivered this Friday, May 14. The interpreter of Mr. Abernathy was sentenced to three years in prison for sexual assault and an entry in the register of sex offenders for an indefinite period. According to the words of the victim, aged 29 but whose identity has not been disclosed, the facts took place on September 30, 2017, in a Glasgow apartment belonging to Scott Reid, a friend of the actor, also actor. While on the way to the bar, the young woman would have felt bad in her taxi and the driver would have warned the two men so that they could come to her aid. Once arrived in Scott Reid’s apartment, Kevin Guthrie, responsible for watching over the actress who was lying on a bed, allegedly sexually assaulted her on several occasions, before stopping once his friend arrived.

He denied the facts. During his trial, Kevin Guthrie claimed to have “only helped” the young woman. Words that the victim contradicted since she did not hesitate to say: “I remember that my t-shirt was lifted”. Additionally, DNA found on the actress’ underwear has spoken even though he continues to deny the charges. “The court must show that women can be protected in the event of sexual assault,” said Sheriff Tom Hugues in the face of comments made by the actor. “The offense of which you were convicted caused great suffering and had consequences for the young woman. She was not well and thought that someone had put a product in her glass that night in a other place, “he then said. For his part, Kevin Guthrie continues to proclaim his innocence and his lawyer lamented the idea that this decision “affects” his future greatly on a personal level but especially professional. “He will pay for it with his career,” he confessed to the British press.

Kevin Guthrie, cut from the montage of Fantastic Beasts?

An announcement that turns everything upside down. Last February, the filming of Fantastic Beasts 3 ended. However, this condemnation risks disrupting everything. Accused of sexual assault, Kevin Guthrie, who is still in the casting, will he finally be cut from the editing of the film? It seems that the shooting was not easy. Indeed, a few months ago, Johnny Depp announced that the Warner had asked him to give up his character of Gellert Grindelwald following his trial against the tabloid The Sun. A request he had accepted and the actor was replaced by Mads Mikkelsen. No announcement regarding Kevin Guthrie has yet been made.

Kevin Guthrie © AGENCY

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