The news is rather reassuring. In the columns of Télé, Michel Leeb, Fanny’s father, spoke about the health of his daughter who is doing well since she recovered from triple negative breast cancer. “It wasn’t easy but she’s doing amazingly well. She’s in total remission.” he certified. While Fanny Leeb was starting a musical career just before her diagnosis, she was slowed down in her projects by another problem. “Fanny has always loved to sing and compose. Terrible things happened to her, which made her waste her time. When she recorded her album, pan!, she had her cancer. And as soon as the cancer was in on the road to recovery, she recorded another album and, boom!, the coronavirus arrived. It slowed down her progress considerably,” added Michel Leeb. Already, last December, he assured in the columns of Ciné Télé Revue that his youngest daughter “persevered after these very difficult ordeals”, while being “out of the woods”.

For her part, it was at Gala that Fanny Leeb confided in her fight against the disease. “Having cancer is terrible for anyone it happens to, but when you have a 32-year-old daughter telling you she’s in danger of dying, it’s hard for a father and a mother” confessed the former candidate of The Voice. “It’s not in the order of things,” she added. Combative, she had been able to count on the support of her brother Tom and her sister Elsa. “When I started losing my hair, for example, my brother Tom had fun giving me a punk cut and then a series of improbable looks before shaving everything in GI mode.” she remembered. Throughout her fight, Fanny Leeb had confidence in herself and in her recovery. “Morale is very important in this disease” had assured the young woman of 36 years.

Fanny Leeb cured of cancer: this unlikely way she discovered her disease

As a reminder, it is thanks to a tea bag that Fanny Leeb was able to detect her breast cancer. Indeed, as she had told Faustine Bollaert on her show “It starts today” in September 2022, she had discovered her cancer while she was in the studio to record her next album. She remembered that the kettle in the studio had stopped working and that she had gone to a gas station to buy a bag of tea and a glass of hot water. “I ask for a cup without the little plastic cover” she said before continuing that she then returned to the studio with the extremely heavy doors: “I’m going to knock on the door, I had my jacket, I had my phone in the other hand. And the waltz tea, comes through all the layers and burns my breast”. Three days after the burn, the singer was still in pain and decided to take a closer look at her burn before finally moving her hand to the reverse breast. She explained: “It was while continuing with my hand that I did ‘but, there I have a small ball'”.

Fanny Leeb affected by cancer: "it was not easy", her father Michel gives her news


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