Fanny Ardant has had some beautiful love stories in her life. Wednesday, February 2, 2022, the actress was in the show En Aparté, on Canal +, on the occasion of the release of Young Lovers, the same day in dark rooms. While she wears a ring on each finger of her hands, she has always refused to marry. The journalist then wanted to know if it was by choice or just by non-conformity. “You have never gone before the mayor. Is marriage too conventional for Fanny Ardant?” Asked the journalist. “No, it has nothing to do with it,” replied his guest immediately. “It’s precisely that, I think that to make a promise, you have to keep it. So what’s the point of going past the mayor three times? Me, what I like is the promises that you can no longer resume. And so, if you don’t feel able to keep your promise to the end, don’t do it”, she justified herself.

If she never married, Fanny Ardant, on the other hand, gave birth three times to three daughters. “Children have been my lifeline. I raised my three daughters alone, it made me want to live, even if I always remained a woman. Being a mother prevented me from sinking. saved me and it allowed me to get where I am regardless of the hardships, the sorrows, the failures“, she confided to the newspaper Le Monde.

Fanny Ardant has never been a friend for her three daughters

Regarding the education she gave her children, Fanny Ardant had explained, in the columns of Gala, that she had had a rather strict education. “I was never a friend. I may be from the old school, but the mother must remain the mother,” she said.

Fanny Ardant © Denis Guignebourg

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