Fanny Ardant was born in 1949, in Saumur, but she spent her youth in the Principality of Monaco. Graduated from the Institute of Political Studies of Aix en Provence in the International Relations section, she completed her school curriculum with a thesis entitled Surrealism and Anarchism. It is late that she decided to become an actress, in order to satisfy her passion for the theater. We are in 1976: Fanny Ardant is 27 years old and will make her first film appearance, a year after the birth of her first daughter, Lumir, born out of her love with actor Dominique Leverd.

In 1981, the director François Truffaut crossed paths with the sublime brunette on the set of The woman next door: it was love at first sight! Two years later, in 1983, the couple became parents to Joséphine, who was the actress’ second daughter. Finally, in 1989, it was his third daughter, Baladine, who was born. His father is producer Fabio Conversi. Did you follow?

Fanny Ardant: what mother is she for her three daughters?

Fanny Ardant has already confided that after the death of her great love François Truffaut, her daughters literally saved her life: “Very young, the idea of ​​death accompanied me, perhaps because of my religious education. . I did not wait to know her to know that she arrived very quickly, I always had the feeling of the ephemeral. It is as if I had taken a long time to dive and that, when I had managed to do it, the pool was empty. I was shattered. ” she confided in the columns of Paris Match, in 2011, before continuing: “Children were my lifeline. I raised my three daughters alone, it made me want to live, even if I have always remained a woman. Being a mother kept me from sinking in. It saved me and it allowed me to get to where I am, whatever the trials, the sorrows, the failures. “


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