A terrible story. A dog has died after being frightened by fireworks fired near his home on bonfire night in England. The family of the deceased dog, who was named Dexter, are devastated by grief. Judith and Malcolm Watson’s pet was literally “scared to death” after shaking and curling up in an attempt to camouflage himself from the firecrackers exploding around him.

The story goes back to late afternoon. Just before 6 p.m., a huge bang brought Dexter out of his kennel before he took refuge in his home. His mistress, Judith, found him collapsed in the downstairs bathroom of his house, located in the town of Middlesburg, North Yorkshire. “At first, I thought he was just shaking but he was lying on the ground,” said the 60-year-old. “I realized he was gone. I don’t know exactly where the dogs’ hearts are but I tried to squeeze his chest and blow into his mouth. I couldn’t bring him back,” he said. she continued, tears in her eyes.

“He still had a lot of time to live”

However, Judith and Malcolm Watson had planned everything so that their dog would not be in contact with the outside on this evening of the night of the game of joy. Because like many pets, their dog was very nervous about loud noises. But that didn’t stop Dexter from being scared. And it was too late: “I took the dog in my arms and I cried for a long time. He still had a lot of life left, it’s so unfair,” said his mistress, inconsolable.

A scared dog © Pexels

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