What Sherri Papini, a mother, did is fiction. Indeed, she is accused of having staged her own kidnapping. For the story, Sherri Papini disappeared on November 2, 2016 while jogging. Of course, his relatives quickly reported his disappearance to the authorities. It wasn’t until 22 days later that the mother-of-one was found during Thanksgiving celebrations on a road in Yolo County, California. She then claimed to have been abducted by two armed Hispanic women. Besides, she gave a clear description to the FBI.

Only, this whole story was invented from scratch. Indeed, during the time of her disappearance, Sherri Papini was with an ex-boyfriend in Costa Mesa. In order to give credibility to her story, this mother went so far as to injure herself. Cuts and bruises were found all over his body. She also had her hair cut short when she was found.

The DNA of his ex has cafté

It wasn’t until 2020 that investigators discovered the pink post. They discovered a DNA match when a family member of her ex took a test. Which led them to Sherri Papini’s ex-boyfriend. The latter then admitted to having been with her and that she had not been kidnapped.

On Tuesday, April 12, 2022, Sherri Papini agreed to plead guilty. “I will try until the end of my life to make up for what I have done,” she shared in a press release. It was her lawyer who shared this press release in which she also admits to being “deeply ashamed” of her behavior. “She is so sorry for the pain caused to her family, her friends, and all the good people who have suffered because of her story,” reports Sacramento Bee.

Fake kidnapping of a jogger: a mother admits the unthinkable © Youtube

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