Next February 15, Fabrice Luchini will be showing a new film, entitled A Happy Man. On this occasion, the actor confided in our colleagues from Parisian. And unlike his feature film, the actor claims not to be happy. “And I’m only getting by because it’s not a goal anymore. Forty years of analysis has shown me that it’s not for me, I don’t have a happy nature but an anxious one, I take antidepressants, I sleep very badly. But it’s a driving force for my job.”

Fortunately, to fill this immense void in his chest, Fabrice Luchini can count his wife, Emmanuelle Garassino. “I’m lucky to live with my wife, Emmanuelle, to have two dogs, to try to read a little, to like the wind, to go for walks, but I have to work, I can’t see friends, no, that’s not okay… I don’t have any friends by the way.” Now the actor is no longer afraid of love. “Maybe we spend our time formulating things which in reality are our deepest wish, it’s one of the mysteries of human nature. I hated the idea of ​​the couple, it worried me. ‘Being a couple it is to be one, but which one?’ said Oscar Wilde. I had this feeling of depersonalization. In reality, I wanted to find the couple that I created with my mother. And that is not easy to find. I needed to build myself, to authenticate myself as an individual… Turns out I’m doing the opposite of what I said.”

Fabrice Luchini looks back on his mother’s love

Very honest, Fabrice Luchini also looks back on his childhood. “I was loved by my mom in such a sublime way, she was so important in my life, I think being on stage to extend that unique bond, there has to be some of that. Real engines are often pretty mediocre, motivations. Some people tell you: ‘I’m an actor because I like other people.’ No, you’re an actor because you have a vanity that’s very happy thanks to that. But no matter, the question is: what do we do with it? A miracle to do with oneself, for Jouvet. The miracle is t is to become an actor, to go from Tristan Séguéla’s comedy to Pascal’s texts, it’s not a bad job.”

Fabrice Luchini as a couple: his rare secrets about his wife Emmanuelle Garassino

Fabrice Luchini © Sandrine Thesillat

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