“Ziggy, the world is stoned, against each other, did you have to make love on these songs?”, it is with these words that Jordan De Luxe introduced his guest, Fabienne Thibeault, on the set of Chez Jordan this Thursday, May 25. At 70, the Quebec artist has a busy news. First of all, she released a book entitled Starmania, published by Editions du Pygmalion in which she tells the backstage of the musical that launched her in 1978. And then, the singer participated in the creation of Dragmania, a revised and corrected version of the rock opera by Michel Berger and Luc Plamondon. Fabienne Thibeault has entrusted her professional but also personal projects with the marriage in June of her daughter Zoé in a relationship with a woman. “They form a very nice couple,” said Fabienne Thibeault, who says she detected her child’s homosexuality very early on.

It is now with great lightness that the singer approaches life. Recently, Fabienne Thibeault had to deal with health problems. Last January, while she was filming in Auvergne, she suffered severe pain in her chest. She explained that she had an electrocardiogram and a coronary angiogram. The results had the effect of a shock wave for the singer. “There, I am told Madame Thibeault, we are very surprised that you are not dead”, she revealed to Jordan De luxe. With five clogged arteries, the interpreter of the song A boy like no other came close to death.

“It’s a scar of life”

While she escaped a heart attack, the artist had to undergo a quadruple bypass and was successfully operated on the open heart. On the set of Chez Jordan, Fabienne Thibeault did not hesitate to show the visible scar on her chest. “It’s a scar of life, it’s a scar of success. Congratulations to my surgeon at the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital who saved my life”, concluded the interpreter of Ziggy who says to live again thanks to this intervention surgery and who wanted to thank the medical team who saved her from certain death.

Fabienne Thibeault operated on with an open heart: she reveals her imposing scar on set

Fabienne Thibeault on the set of Chez Jordan on C8 © Chez Jordan/C8

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