This is good news. This Wednesday, February 8, Fabienne Thibeault wanted to reassure her fans. On Facebook, she gave her news after having had heart surgery. “Some news… I’m fine! Still at the rehabilitation center: minor problems with my scars… Including that of the leg which will remain marked because it opened! Good! After all, I’m not lingerie model! And above all, I’m alive…Once again DON’T IGNORE ANY SYMPTOMS!! it’s to this listening that I owe my life!”

A few weeks ago, Fabienne Thibeault had suffered from discomfort on the set of Lava in Besse-et-Saint-Anastaise in the Rhône-Alpes region. Following this incident, she had to undergo a major heart operation. Hospitalized in Clermont-Ferrand, her intervention therefore went well. “At the time of leaving the CHU of Clermont Ferrand, bound for the cardiac rehabilitation center for a next step, I would like with my husband Christian Montagnac and my daughter Zoé Khan-Thibeault to thank you for your attentive messages, your kindness to towards me, towards us; it warms my heart, my poor heart which has taken a hit, and gives courage for the future. Thank you again to all the medical staff and services of the cardiac unit and a thank you special to friend Sylvie Sannazzaro for her presence and her support for Doudou. I kiss you, see you soon”.

Fabienne Thibeault talks about her heart disease

Fabienne Thibeault then returned to what she had felt during her heart attack. “I pointed out my discomfort and in 5 minutes I was in a hurry: electrocardiogram – and the whole thing. Diagnosis: the next morning, quadruple open-heart bypass surgery with the arteries in the root of the heart damaged… I would have collapsed n anytime, on the street, at the slightest effort I would have died: the operation is successful, no sequelae… to follow cardiac rehabilitation in center”.

Fabienne Thibeault: operated on the heart, she gives reassuring news about her state of health

Fabienne Thibeault © BALDINI

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