Fabien Roussel is making a lot of noise in the campaign for the presidential elections which will take place in just a few weeks. Some left-wing supporters would accuse him of “a form of ideological break with historical communism, evolving on immigration or security”, according to the daily Liberation. His increased presence in the media lately proves an unwavering commitment. Above all, Fabien Roussel wishes to reveal himself in his best light: that of a man ready to engage in a political and social struggle without mercy.

It’s because the president of the Communist Party knows a lot about combat sports, starting with politics. Fabien Roussel would like schools to give more space to sports activities. “The integration of hours devoted to sports and cultural practices in university courses will be made compulsory”, he promises in his program. The other great cause close to his heart is his son-in-law, whose identity he revealed on Twitter.

Today my big boy is going to fight in MMA at the UAE Warriors Africa in Abu Dhabi. Go big, you’re the best! #KevinOumar #Fiertédepapa pic.twitter.com/tMvNH3Jtge

– Fabien Roussel (@Fabien_Roussel) March 25, 2022

This link that unites Fabien Roussel to Kevin Oumar

“Today my big boy is going to fight in MMA at the UAE Warriors Africa in Abu Dhabi. Come on big guy, you’re the best! “A photo of Kevin Oumar accompanies the #Fiertédepapa on the tweet posted by Fabien Roussel this Friday noon. A message far from trivial. If the professional MMA fighter Kevin Oumar is not the biological son of the president of the Communist Party, he is on the other hand that of his former companion. “Oumar is his father’s name. I partly raised him; we are a big blended family. He’s my big son, ”said Fabien Roussel. At 1m85 or 92.99 kgs, Kevin Oumar, seven victories to his name, is about to face the Moroccan Mohamed Amine during the UAE Warriors 27: Africa in Abu Dhabi. The face-to-face does not reassure his father-in-law who confides to RMC: “It’s scary. But hey, it’s like all sports. It’s also scary when you have a kid doing downhill skiing. Fabien Roussel’s next fight will be at the polls on April 10.

Fabien Roussel © Ludovic Marin

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