Friday March 25, 2022, Fabien Roussel published a photo of his son-in-law, Kevin Oumar on Twitter. The presidential candidate revealed: “Today my big boy is going to fight in MMA at the UAE Warriors Africa in Abu Dhabi. Go big, you’re the best!”. A message of encouragement for the son of his former companion, whom he raised.

A few hours later, Fabien Roussel could rejoice since Kevin Oumar won in this fight which he considers “one of the toughest” of his career. The 28-year-old let his joy explode on Instagram shortly after his victory. He posted a photo of the fight. “We did the job, victory by submission in the 3rd round after a big war. Congratulations to my opponent Mohamed Amine” he wrote before giving many thanks.

Fabien Roussel, real support for Kevin Oumar

In his Instagram story, Kevin Oumar gave his first impressions after his fight. He explained to his subscribers: “It was a big fight. I made a few mistakes, but in the end, everything went well. I got hit a little anyway, but everything is fine”. He then confided that he had to rest and that he intended to take advantage before preparing the sequel. He also said he received a lot of messages of support.

An anecdote not so surprising since Fabien Roussel had confided in the passion of his son-in-law during an interview with BFM. He explained: “If I’m afraid that he practices this combat sport? Yes it’s scary. But hey, it’s like all sports. It’s also scary when you have a kid who is doing descents of skiing. I’m happy to support him and put the spotlight on him”. One thing is certain, the father of the family is very proud of his boy.

Kevin Oumar © Instagram @kevinoumar

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