On Saturday August 21, a farmer in the province of Phitsanulok, in northern Thailand, was looking for one of his cows, which had been lost for three days already. He did find her, but not really where he hoped, as The Sun explains. Under the dry grass, further in the pasture, he sees a snake 4.5 meters long, stretched out at full length. Inside the latter: the corpse of the bovine.

In a video posted on the internet, the python appears huge. And for good reason, that day, he ate much more than he could swallow. As we know, some snakes are able to swallow very large prey thanks to their very flexible digestive tract and their large jaw. In 2018, the body of a woman was found intact in the belly of a python, in Indonesia. Others have already filled the bellies of goats or many other animals. Once their prey has been digested, the snakes then return to their occupations. But this time the animal was not so lucky. “After the cow died inside her body, the snake swelled up,” village leader Nirun Leewattanakul said. It swelled so much that it burst. “It was such a scary scene.”

Another snake had swallowed an alligator

After being analyzed by the authorities, the two deceased animals were burned and buried in a vacant lot. A priori, no other animal was attacked by the snake. This is not the first time that a python has overestimated its appetite. Another snake suffered the same fate as this one some time ago, after swallowing an alligator whole. The decomposing animal’s body released so much gas that the snake’s stomach began to swell. Eventually, the body of the reptile had ended up breaking. The two bodies were found floating in a river.

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