Exiled ex-King Juan Carlos: will Queen Sofia, Felipe of Spain’s mother, follow him abroad?

Faced with suspicions of corruption, he chose exile. On Monday August 3, AFP announced that King Juan Carlos I had made the decision to leave Spain, while two investigations were opened in Switzerland and in his country for a corruption case. A painful decision for the father of Felipe VI, but that he made in the interest of the crown, to prevent these matters from affecting him. However, if this affair touches Juan Carlos I closely, his wife Sofia will assume no consequences. And does not intend to follow him in his exile either.

A close source has indeed confirmed to El Pais that the queen will stay to live in the Zarzuela Palace and will continue her institutional activities as well as the work of the foundation that bears her name. Currently on vacation at the Marivent Palace in Palma, Queen Sofia has nothing to worry about, since she has been completely excluded from the alleged affairs in which her husband is involved, she who has always remained by her side, especially when ‘he had the operation in August 2019.

An exile to “render the best service” to his son

Juan Carlos’ decision to leave Spain comes as Swiss justice and Spanish justice both investigate the links between the former Spanish ruler and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The investigations, which are currently under way, relate in particular to a hundred million dollars which would have been secretly paid into an account in Switzerland in Juan Carlos I by Saudi Arabia. “Guided now by the conviction to render the best service to the Spaniards, to their institutions, and to you as King, I inform you of my considered decision to exile myself, at this time, outside of Spain “, he wrote to justify his decision. Which was greeted by his son Felipe VI, while for the moment, it is not known where he intends to go into exile.

Queen Sofia of Spain and King Juan Carlos of Spain celebrate Queen Sofia’s 80th birthday at the Sup © © Look Press / KCS PRESSE

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