Grace de Capitani needed to empty her bag. Faced with Jordan de Luxe, the actress did not mince her words when she remembered her collaboration with Roger Hanin. Indeed, twice, in 1993 and 1994, she played in Navarro and thus gave the answer to the comedian who died in 2015. Only, she does not have good memories of her experience in the famous series and her Laura Marcos character. In any case, this is what she confided in front of Jordan de Luxe, Monday January 30, 2023. The journalist wanted to know if Roger Hanin really had a “pig character”.

“I kept my distance because I hadn’t really hung on”, she started at first before revealing a gesture from the actor that she still has not digested, yet 30 years later . “I had brought him some chocolate from Belgium and he finished the box in front of everyone, without presenting it to anyone. It chilled me a bit,” she said. “Normally when you get a big box of chocolates, you present some to the team! It’s not that I stopped talking to him, I still had lines to tell him.” The rest of the collaboration between the two actors was therefore to be rather tense.

Jean Pierre Mocky and Grace de Grace@DeCapitaniGrace together filming….Release dates coming soon….

— Grace de Capitani (@DeCapitaniGrace) August 28, 2015

Grace de Capitani also tackled Jean Benguigui

But Grace de Capitani also seemed to have some problems with another actor in the person of Jean Benguigui. Indeed, if his character is no longer part of Household Scene (with Jean Benguigui, they played a retired couple during the bonuses), it is only the fault of his playing partner. “I believe that there had a disagreement with the team and Jean Benguigui. That’s what I was told, “she said again on the set of the show Chez Jordan. “He was very temperamental…I don’t like to speak ill.”

Execrable Roger Hanin? Grace de Capitani confides in their difficult collaboration and this gesture that outraged her

Grace de Capitani © MANO / TELE STAR

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