Tony Parker and Alizé Lim are having happy days. Very much in love, they enjoyed a moment for two during a very romantic cruise. According to information from Closer, to be found on newsstands Friday, August 20, 2021, the former professional basketball player has decided to release the big game to the one who has shared his life for almost a year and a half. So that this moment remains unforgettable for both of them, he did not hesitate to rent the magnificent 50-meter yacht, Joy Me. There is no doubt that Alizé Lim had to take full eyes. To please his beautiful, Tony Parker still spent 175,000 euros. In any case, this is the price displayed to rent this technological gem for a week.

Lovers spent a few days aboard this yacht off the coast of Saint-Tropez. The same place where the former NBA player had been seen, a few days earlier, still aboard a boat, with his lifelong accomplice, Matt Pokora. This time, her vacation was much more romantic with the tennis player. On the program: jet-ski, paddle or even dive from the deck of the yacht. Who vacation also says, and above all, idleness and relaxation. Thus, the lovebirds let themselves be carried away by the sound of the waves during very complicit naps from the deck of the boat. All the photos of their getaway can be found in Closer.

How many children does Tony Parker have?

Young lovers may also have taken the opportunity to talk about their future together. Already a father of two children, Tony Parker could perhaps expand his family with Alizé Lim. One thing is certain, the latter would not be against. She had already said she really wanted to be a mother. They may announce some great news in a few months.

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Tony Parker and Alizé Lim © COADIC GUIREC

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