Joy Hallyday, the youngest daughter of Johnny and Laeticia, has suffered since Halloween and the publication of photos of her disguise from virulent attacks on social networks. The 14-year-old girl shared several photos of her in a suggestive outfit with playmate-style Bunny ears on the occasion of the famous American party. Images that shocked more than one on Instagram, sparking an avalanche of negative reactions and reproaches, addressed in particular to his mother. Laeticia Hallyday is notably accused of being too permissive and of not knowing how to hold her offspring.

Accustomed to criticism from haters, Joy Hallyday did not let herself be defeated and was quick to respond to them in cash. After recalling that her outfit is nothing more than a simple costume, the young girl with a strong character did not hesitate to reply “Shut up!” to one of his online critics. As for her mother Laeticia, who liked the photos and commented on them with a tender “I Love you so much”, she made a strong decision. Without forbidding her daughter to publish anything on Instagram, she nevertheless sent her, according to our exclusive information, a warning. Just like at Jade. Laeticia Hallyday thus expressly asked them to be careful and to be more vigilant regarding their 2.0 publications.

Joy Hallyday pictured drinking alcohol?

Like her mother Laeticia, the youngest with a strong temperament of Johnny Hallyday is broken in the controversies. So much so that she even manages to anticipate them. Last July, she posted a photo of her glass in hand on Instagram with a meaningful comment. To prevent any misinterpretation, Jade Hallyday’s sister wrote in the caption of the photo: “ps: it’s a mocktail, so don’t come get me”. Enough to cut short the slightest rumor and protect his beloved mother in advance against gossip.

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EXCLUDED. Laeticia Hallyday: this warning to Jade and Joy after virulent attacks


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