In the columns of the new number on newsstands of your magazine Closer, discover why the end of year celebrations of Laeticia Hallyday, Jalil Lespert and all their little tribe could be compromised … While the couple could take advantage of this enchanted interlude where each kiss still seems to be the first, while forgetting in passing the tensions linked to the various tributes to Johnny that Laeticia has led in recent months, a shadow appears at the dawn of Christmas

Indeed, the pandemic linked to the global health crisis due to Covid-19 is complicating their lives. According to information from your magazine Closer, Laeticia Hallyday and Aliosha, the son of her dear and tender Jalil Lespert, may have caught the virus! While waiting for the results of the tests, the blended family is seriously considering reviewing their plans for Christmas. While they all had to fly to Saint-Martin Island to join André, Laeticia Hallyday’s father, they could stay in Saint-Barth …

Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert’s son may have caught Covid-19

Ironically, Laeticia will have to find accommodation there urgently in Saint-Barth … since she had rented her own villa for the holidays! But after all, whatever the island and the villa where she wakes up, as long as Jalil Lespert and their children are there by her side … for Laeticia Hallyday, everything is fine! At least, we hope so with all our hearts …

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Laeticia Hallyday suffering from Covid-19? © Instagram

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