This is news that will worry his many fans. According to exclusive information released by Closer, Laeticia Hallyday was hospitalized in an emergency on Monday March 21. The companion of Jalil Lespert was admitted to intensive care at the American hospital in Neuilly for hypokalemia (decrease in the level of potassium which causes very heavy fatigue which can have serious consequences on the kidneys). When he was admitted, his mother Françoise Thibaut and Jalil Lespert were by his side to support him in this terrible ordeal.

Laeticia Hallyday, immediately placed on a drip upon arrival at the hospital

Fortunately, 24 hours after entering the emergency room, the state of health of Laeticia Hallyday seems to be reassuring. The mother of Jade and Joy had to go to the CHU de l’Hérault, this March 25 in order to carry out examinations. But when she takes a blood test, her potassium level is very low. Hypokalemia is therefore confirmed. Hospitalization must be done urgently. Immediately placed on a drip, the companion of Jalil Lespert must now rest so that his state of health improves. When she left the hospital the next day at the end of the afternoon, Laeticia Hallyday returned to her property in Marnes-la-Coquette, always alongside Jalil Lespert who did not let her go. She should go to her medical appointment this Friday, March 25 and perform her exams as originally planned.

Laeticia Hallyday © Instagram

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