On December 15, 2020, Laeticia Hallyday formalized her relationship with Jalil Lespert. Very in love, the widow of Johnny Hallyday then launched body and soul into his idyll. Romantic trips to Saint-Trop’, family vacations to Saint-Barthélemy, moving to Los Angeles, there is nothing that Jalil and Laeticia did not refuse to preserve the flame of their love. However, the cloudless sky of the two lovers would be darkening…

According to information from the magazine Closer, whose last issue will be available on newsstands this Friday, October 14, Laeticia and Jalil are currently going through the first crisis in their history. In question, serious communication problems, Jalil’s somewhat stifling behavior, but also Laeticia’s tax obligations linked to Johnny’s debt, which require him to spend a lot of time in Paris leaving Jalil in Los Angeles with his daughters. , Jade and Joy, and her own son, Aliosha.

Laeticia avoids Jalil in Paris

One event in particular suggests that tensions would exist in the couple. On September 21, Laeticia arrived alone in Paris on business. After several appointments with her advisers, she granted herself a few distractions by attending the parades of Paris fashion week. She notably appeared at the Messika show with the singer Dadju, then at the Yves Saint Laurent fashion show with two of her friends, Hoda Roche and Christina Apostolidou. But while her husband was to join Paris on October 5 for professional projects, Laeticia decided to return … on the 4th! The lovebirds therefore crossed paths in the air, without even taking the time to exchange a kiss in Paris. So will there be water in the gas between the two Californians? Rumor has it…

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EXCLUDED. Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert: first couple crisis after two years of romance?

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