It was a long-awaited reunion! While they had planned to meet after the end of year celebrations, Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert finally had to wait almost a month before being able to hug each other in New York. Indeed, gone to Aabie-Saudi for the needs of a film, the director and actor fell ill on his return to Paris. Whose fault is it ? Or rather what? Well at the COVID! Despite his respect for barrier gestures, Jalil Lespert did not escape the virus. Result: after a period of isolation, it was not until January 27, 2022 that the lovers were able to meet in the city that never sleeps.

Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert in New York: the whole family

Note that Laeticia Hallyday, she had already left Los Angeles (she has been living there since 2013) with her two daughters Jade (17) and Joy (13) without forgetting Aliosha, the son of Jalil Lespert also aged 13 year. Once reunited, the whole family was able to enjoy some tasty moments. Between a walk in the open air, a visit to the MoMA and a fiesta (the couple was invited by relatives to celebrate a ba-mitzvah), happiness was there. Moreover, via their respective Instagram accounts, Jalil Lespert and the widow of Johnny Hallyday did not hesitate to share cichés testifying to their pleasure of being together. A reunion in good and due form, which allowed them to start the year 2022 well!

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Jalil Lespert and Laeticia Hallyday © Instagram

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