They have not given any sign of life for several months now. Leslie and Kevin disappeared into the wild following an evening with friends on November 25. Since then, their loved ones have been in the most total concern. For Closer, they put forward a theory: that of sequestration. “If she doesn’t give us news, it’s because she can’t give us any,” says Emilie, the young woman’s mother-in-law. For both families, the venal crime is a virtual certainty. Indeed, Kevin had an envelope containing 5,000 euros that he wanted to use to buy a car.

That evening, he would have had an appointment to acquire a vehicle. “He would have met five sinister-looking men and would have been afraid according to his relatives. Then he would have joined Leslie and their friend. For Patrick and his companion, it could be a venal crime. ‘In view of these elements is what we are considering. Those close to the couple are increasingly worried. They thus launch an appeal to the potential kidnappers: “Give us back Leslie, there is no reason for you to keep her. If you have to ask for something, ask for it, but give us back Leslie”.

The relatives of the couple in the most total concern

A cry from the heart. “We are not an investigator, we cannot really know, but in any case, we are almost convinced now that everything starts from this evening and the fact that there is this amount of money, it brings our ideas closer to the a crime that would be rather venal. That, there is no doubt about it,” Émilie Cardré underlined, before adding, cash: “Today, we see our daughter more as collateral damage, in fact. And that’s scary.” “Give us back our children, please. We want to find them as soon as possible”

EXCLUDED. Couple missing in Deux-Sèvres: Kevin and Leslie kidnapped? His family advance elements

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