In the new issue on newsstands of your magazine Closer, discover our interview with Clémentine Autain, on the occasion of the publication of her book Assemblies by Grasset editions. During this interview, the politician looks back on a painful episode in her life: the rape she suffered when she was a student. With honesty, she explains why she only spoke publicly about this trauma in 2016, in an autobiography.

Clémentine Autain declares: “I was asked why I was a feminist and I lied. Because it was not done to talk about it, it was taboo. I was raped next to my university by a stranger who put a knife to his throat. I filed a complaint. He confessed to between twenty and thirty rapes, but there were only three of us at the trial. It made me furious. If the previous women had been able to speak, and above all to be heard, I would probably not have been raped. Hence this urgency that I bring to break the silence.

Clémentine Autain reveals that she still suffers today from symptoms related to the rape she suffered

Today, Clémentine Autain explains that she succeeded in overcoming this trauma of extreme violence. Unfortunately, he sometimes also experiences painful symptoms because of this intolerable event. She continues: “I stopped surviving, I live, happy! But I still have symptoms. Lately, I had to manage in my political movement the case of a legislative candidate accused of violence For several weeks, my throat was lumpy, tight, as I had had long after being raped.” An interview to be found in full in your Closer magazine.

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Clementine Autain © JB Autissier


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