This is a video that had the effect of a bomb. On December 8, Celine Dion appeared tired and moved during a video posted on her Instagram account. And for good reason, she announced there to suffer from a very rare neurological disorder, the stiff-person syndrome, or disease of the stiff man. This recently diagnosed chronic disease is at the origin in particular of the muscular spasms which handicap her and prevent her from performing on stage for too long. In this ordeal, the singer can count on the support of her three sons René-Charles, soon to be 22 years old, and the twins Eddy and Nelson, 12 years old.

However, she must also face a difficulty concerning her eldest. This gives Celine Dion a hard time. In question ? René-Charles suffers from the same addiction as his late father, René Angélil. According to our exclusive information – to be found in your Closer magazine from this Friday, December 16, René-Charles has become completely addicted to poker and gambling in general. It was his father who introduced him to this card game. But unlike the latter, René-Charles also plays via online sites on which he spends astronomical sums. What revive painful memories in Celine Dion.

Why this brings back painful memories in Celine Dion

“René was a man who loved gambling to the point that it was unfortunately obsessive. His excesses went far beyond those of any human being”, said Scott Roeben in the book Céline Dion, the true story (Ed. Robert Laffont). And to reveal: “At one time, René made the decision to stay at Caesars Palace in order to renegotiate his debts. Some of these were also repaid when Céline agreed to extend her contract at Caesars … “Worse still, the Quebecoise is worried about the dating of her eldest. Also according to our information, for several years, René-Charles has been hanging out with small strikes from Nevada, where he lives, even if he no longer lives under the same roof as his mother in Las Vegas. Hoping that this hassle does not jeopardize the recovery of Celine Dion.

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EXCLUDED. Celine Dion: her son René-Charles suffers from the same addiction as his father

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