It’s time for confidence, for British-American actor Andrew Garfield. In the latest issue of Closer, available on newsstands this Friday, May 13, the 38-year-old artist evokes with emotion what he considers to be “the greatest loss” he has ever experienced: the death of his mother. in 2019, following pancreatic cancer. “To this day, I’m still trying to deal with it, to figure out how to get through it. My mum struggled for a year with pancreatic cancer. It was really hard. It was really hard for her.”

At the time, the interpreter of the “amazing” Spider-Man was preparing to start filming the biopic In the eyes of Tammy Faye, alongside Jessica Chastain, and remembers having set a condition before even signing : “I remember saying to the producers: ‘If I get the call to go home, I go home and I don’t care what it costs the production.’, confides the actor. When my father called me, they stopped production for ten days, then two weeks. And I stayed with my mother for the last ten days of her life.”

“Those were the best ten days of my life”

If saying goodbye to the one who “transmitted to him the taste for nature and poetry” was one of the most difficult trials of his life, Andrew Garfield keeps, paradoxically, a precious memory of his last days with she. “Those were the best ten days of my life, because, for me, it was a real privilege to be with her until she died.” A privilege that gave him wings. Shortly after his mother’s death, Andrew Garfield shot the musical Tick, Tick… Boom, which earned him a second Oscar nomination two years later.

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