Ex-actress Jessica Campbell dies suddenly at 38

Sad news in the world of cinema. The actress Jessica Campbell, known for having played the counterpart to Reese Witherspoon in the cult comedy The Upstart (Election in VO) in 1999, died on December 29. She was only 38 years old. It was her cousin Sarah Wessling who announced the death of the American actress who had converted into a career as a naturopathic doctor. The circumstances of the young woman’s death are still rather unclear, with her family telling TMZ that she complained of congestion before passing out in her aunt’s bathroom, who she was visiting in Portland, DC. ‘Oregon. The results of the autopsy are not yet known, but the first leads suggest that Jessica Campbell was infected with Covid-19.

His co-star at the time, Reese Witherspoon did not fail to pay tribute to him on social networks, upon the announcement of his death: “So heartbroken to hear this. Working with Jessica on The Upstart has been such a pleasure. I send all my love to Jessica’s family and loved ones “she wrote. Jessica Campbell was also noticed in the series Freaks and geeks, by Judd Apatow, in which she had been able to play alongside James Franco, Seth Rogen or Jason Segel. Judd Apatow recalled on Twitter of his collaboration with the young actress: “One of my favorite memories when I think back to the creation of Freaks And Geeks: There is that of watching Jessica Campbell and Seth Rogen determine their relationship in improvisations. Jessica was so funny and an amazing caring actress. What a terrible loss. ” Wife and happy mother, Jessica Campbell leaves behind her husband Daniel who shared her life for 11 years and her 10 year old son Oliver.

Jessica Campbell had completely changed lanes

If the people who worked with her still remember her talent as an actress, Jessica Campbell quickly made the choice to give up her career in the cinema in order to explore a completely different field, that of medicine. After having played her last role in 2001 in the independent film The Safety Of Objects, she decided to start her life from scratch. Her desire to help others, thus pushed her to orient herself towards the profession of naturopath which she had been exercising for several years. To help her son who is now deprived of his mother, Jessica Campbell’s cousin has set up a pot. In the summary which accompanies this one, she presents Jessica as “an adventurer in the purest sense of the word” but also as “the mother of the coolest child in the world” whose “passion for life and for the people were amazing “.

Jessica Campbell © Capture Youtube

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