Tragic! It was at Inside Edition that the parents of little Kyle Doan gave an interview on Wednesday, January 11. They notably recounted how this tragedy unfolded as well as the last words of their 5-year-old child, Kyle Doan. The unfortunate was swept away by a severe flood in California while mother and son were on their way to school. That morning, Kyle and Lindsy Doan were driving to school where the mother is also a teacher. This before being blocked around 7:45 a.m. on Monday, January 9, 2023.

According to People, witnesses to the scene managed to pull Lindsy Doan out. Stuck in the car, Kyle Doan began to descend the current. Authorities believe the vehicle may have headed for a nearby river. At that time, no roads had been closed in the area. “The current kept pulling me down. And every time I gasped and looked up, it was looking at me,” Lindsy Doan told Inside Edition. “When we had the accident, his last words were, ‘Mom, it’s going to be okay. Keep calm and you’ll be fine.'” she replied when asked if her son had said anything before being swept away by the waves.

“He has not been found. Our hearts are broken”

This Monday, however, marked the first day of the return to school of little Kyle Doan. It was on social networks that Lindsy Doan had confided the difficulty of finding her son. “I know it’s a long shot,” she wrote on Facebook before adding, “He has not been found. Our hearts are broken. He is without food, homeless…if anyone one sees it, please PLEASE call 911. We are distraught.”

"Everything will be fine...": his son whispers heartbreaking words to him before disappearing

“Everything will be fine…”: his son whispers heartbreaking words to him before disappearing © Pexels

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