How do you deal with the loss of a loved one? This is a question to which everyone will give a different answer as the period of mourning is personal. However, Annie Niu, a young woman who lost her twin sister, chose to preserve her family.

Preferring to silence the news to her grandparents, it was on social networks that the young woman revealed the method allowing her to spare them this devastating news. A technique that shocked its subscribers.

three years of absence

On TikTok, Annie shared news that shocked her more than 102,000 subscribers. In a video that has gone viral with more than 9.2 million views in just four days, the young woman explained that she had lost her twin sister three years ago to viral meningitis. Typically, the majority of people with mild viral meningitis recover completely within a week without treatment. This, although less serious than bacterial meningitis, can be fatal in some cases.

Passing himself off as his twin

In her music video, Annie said protecting elderly family members was “really common in Asian culture.” So she and her family were just trying to “protect the elderly from terrible news” such as the death of her twin sister. Also, Annie, every Christmas, calls her grandparents pretending to be her deceased sister, leaving them in the dark. His video, posted just before the Christmas holidays, sparked thousands of not always pleasant comments.

Protect your grandparents

Many questioned why she did this, leading Annie to explain that her grandparents “basically raised” her and her sister, and she was very close to them. “A lot of people say, ‘They deserve to know. “Well, they don’t deserve to die and you can’t guarantee it won’t happen by telling them,” she justified herself. Annie and the other members of her family will never tell the grandparents the truth like this.

A decision criticized

For this, she disclosed: “We will probably continue to invent excuses to explain why she does not visit them. We don’t have the heart to tell them, it’s going to destroy them.” And while making that phone call pretending to be her sister makes Annie sad, it also helps her get closer to the one she dreams of “almost every night.” In the comments, some subscribers showed deep sympathy for Annie’s gesture. Others criticized his choice. “What will happen when they find out? wondered a subscriber while another called Annie “Sick”. Nevertheless, Annie and her family have also received messages of support, some not hesitating to share their own experience. “After the death of my father, my grandmother stopped eating and died with a broken heart” explained a subscriber. “She died two weeks after my father, she couldn’t bear the sadness,” he concluded.

Every Christmas she pretends to be her twin sister who died for some sad reason


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