Who said Victoria Beckham couldn’t be funny despite looking cold and intimidating? The former Spice Girl entertained the gallery with videos of sexual allusions posted in the story of her Instagram account on Father’s Day.

Unleashed, the designer did not hesitate to laugh at the situation while her father was opening his gift: a mini snowblower for the garden. Her dad, Tony, got in on the video game and unpacked his garden tool in his striped pajamas.

Victoria Beckham “My mother can’t wait”

That’s when the Victoria Beckham joke started. As her dad was painstakingly opening his gift, his daughter started teasing him to get him to open the package once and for all: “We’re almost there!” encouraged.

Once the mission was successful, Victoria’s father then described his gift to the camera: “It’s a power tool. It’s a leaf blower, it’s a miniature model, which is fantastic. It has a spare battery,” he explained.

Afterward, the ex-singer couldn’t resist cracking an explicit joke: “Even mom can get a hit!” she captioned her Instagram video. She then continued her allusion by saying “My mother can’t wait!”. Then, continuing to joke, she exclaimed, “Hours of fun in the garden with the miniature leaf blower.”

One thing is certain, it was a very different Victoria than the one the fashion sphere knows. Like what, we should not trust appearances.

Victoria Beckham © Backgrid UK


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