“I don’t have a penis, so my voice will never really be heard.” Like many actresses, and women in general, the Harvey Weinstein affair had a real impact on Evangeline Lilly. In 2018, while promoting Ant-Man, the actress confided at length about what the release of speech had changed. “The Weinstein affair forced all women to become aware of all these moments when we had to adapt, instead of protesting”, she explained in the columns of the Point before regretting having spent her “life at [ s] to transform to try to gain respect in a man of men, to talk and [s] to stew like a guy “. If Evangeline Lilly has “never been abused by Harvey Weinstein” and has never been forced to “have to sleep to get a role”, she has experienced trauma.

“Like all women, I’ve been touched by men where I didn’t want to be touched, had traumatic and unhealthy sex, and it all caught up with me by the time the business exploded, “said the one who became known for her role in Lost at the Point. After the success of the series, Evangeline Lilly wanted to take a step back. “I took a break, I never wanted to act again. I hated fame, I had not aspired to that and above all, me who is naturally happy, I had just passed 6 years to do a series where, twelve hours a day, I spent my time screaming, being angry, crying, running away from a smoke monster, blowing up my father’s house, she detailed with annoyance. (…) I’m not an experienced actress, I don’t have a toolbox with little tips to deal with this: if my character is in pain, so is I. It has been a horrible situation for me for too long. “

Evangeline Lilly: “I was forced to do a partially nude scene”

During the filming of the cult series elsewhere, Evangeline Lilly experienced a particularly complicated scene. “I was forced to do a partially nude scene and felt like I couldn’t refuse. I was mortified and I was shaking, and when it was over I cried all the tears. of my body, confided the actress in a specialized podcast. I had to go back there to play a great but very intense scene right after. ” On sale for Ant-Man, she was annoyed with machismo in the film industry. “In fact, I tried everything to earn that respect: being beautiful, cool, athletic, tomboy, being interested in their interests because I was told that what was girly was silly, taking a hit , integrate a football team, she railed at the Point. And despite all that, impossible to have access to the places where the decisions were made, among the guys. “

Evangeline Lilly © Agency

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