Euro 2020: devastated wife of Harry Kane bursts into tears in his arms after the final

Despite the British predictions, it does not come home! This Sunday took place the final of Euro 2020 at Wembley Stadium. The match, which pitted England against Italy, first saw a perfect neck and neck between the two teams with a score of one all over before Italy stood out in the penalty shoot-out. A great victory for La Botte but a hard blow for England, who already see themselves as the winners. If the supporters of the Three Lions had, as one can understand, difficult to take the defeat – one has only to look at the crestfallen face of the young prince George, present in the stands – some were particularly upset by the outcome of this match, as is the case for Kate Goodland, wife of England captain Harry Kane. At the end of the meeting, the cameras captured the young woman, in tears, in the arms of her husband who tries somehow to console her. It must be said that Kate Goodland was particularly invested in this championship, she who attended all the matches and who, just before the final, posted a long letter tinged with emotion to the attention of her husband in which she explains how much she is proud of him and in which she encourages him to take the cup home.

Euro 2020: the moving letter from Harry Kane’s wife

“H, you know I’m not the type to cry easily but I surprised myself in tears when I started to write how proud you make us all and what you do for the country. I didn’t care. you when we started dating, when you were taking penalties with my brother Tom and the dog, Seamus, and you said that one day you would be the captain of the England team. That’s all you, you set yourself a goal and you achieve it. You always said you would play the Euro and make it to the final. You are an amazing husband and father, and the kids can’t wait for you to come home. “You telling them about this summer, one day when they get older. We love you so much, captain. Bring it home to the country, you deserve to lift this trophy with this amazing England team.” A dream swept away this Sunday …

Harry Kane and his wife Kate © Zuma Press

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