It was the ex-companion of this 46-year-old carpenter who alerted the gendarmes: the latter allegedly told him that he had hit a woman who was riding a bicycle, while he was under the influence of alcohol on March 9. last. He allegedly told her that he had buried her with his bicycle before setting fire to his vehicle.

Still alive after the accident, the cyclist would have been finished off with a shovel

The Evreux public prosecutor took the young woman’s explanation very seriously, when she told the Dieppe gendarmes the secrets of her ex-companion, a carpenter of Polish origin from whom she had just come. separate. Especially since the man, who had declared the theft of his vehicle, then admitted to having set it on fire himself. According to his ex-girlfriend, the man called her on March 13 to confide in her, indicating that he had hit a woman “in her sixties and looked, in her words, like a tramp” with his vehicle. . He would have returned with a shovel to bury him in the ditch with his bicycle, but the victim was still alive when he returned. “He had finished it off by shoveling it several times before burying it with his bike,” said Rémi Coutin, public prosecutor of Evreux.

After admitting to having burned his vehicle himself and having hit a cyclist “who was able to leave”, the man was walled in silence, which put the investigators in a complex situation. “We are faced with a particular situation since we do not have a body, nor do we have an identity as to the supposed victim.” stated the magistrate. The suspect was indicted on counts of murder, concealment of a corpse, destruction of evidence and false denunciations and placed in pre-trial detention.

Eure: a man accused of mowing down a mysterious cyclist and finishing her off with a shovel

The gendarmes have launched an appeal for witnesses © Illustration photo

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