Estelle Mossely and Tony Yoka is history. Sunday, October 31, 2021, the boxing champion revealed on Instagram that he had divorced. A surprise announcement while the former lovers have made the decision to separate discreetly. “Estelle and I have been divorced for a few months now,” Tony Yoka said. If today the two Olympic champions no longer walk hand in hand, they still managed to separate by remaining on good terms for the well-being of their two children, Ali (born in 2017) and Magomed (born in 2017). in 2019). “It’s a page that is turned. We shared great moments, forever etched in our memories and our stories. I only wish her happiness because she is a beautiful person and a great champion. I would like to thank her. for all this period of our life and to have given birth to our two beautiful children, “said Tony Yoka.

The former lovebirds had said “yes” on January 7, 2018 to form one and the same family. The months following this union were magical, but the year 2019 put the couple to the test. After a first separation, the couple had finally reunited. Only, after welcoming a new child, professional boxers made the decision to put an end to their story. “An announcement that is not simple,” said Tony Yoka.

Estelle Mossely and Tony Yoka have two children

As a reminder, Tony Yoka and Estelle Mossely had made themselves known to the general public by both becoming Olympic champions during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. They were thus propelled to the front of the stage as the golden couple. A label and a popularity that have undoubtedly got the better of their history.

Tony Yoka and Estelle Mossely © Pierre Perusseau

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