Estelle Lefébure is in mourning … A few days before the end of the year holidays, the model lost her grandmother. While she was very close to the latter, it is on Instagram that she wished to pay tribute to him by revealing two photos. On the first, the pretty blonde tenderly kisses her grandmother, who died at the age of 103. “We will miss you grandma …”, she wrote in the caption. To accompany the second shot, she simply shared: “A life filled with love and kindness” If the star considered the latter as her grandmother, she was actually that of Pascal Ramette, the father of her son Giuliano. Despite their separation, Estelle Lefébure had remained close to this grandmother of the heart whom she cherished so much.

Younger, the model had lost her parents, Gilles and Denise. Indeed, her father died the day after her marriage to David Hallyday, September 16, 1989. Thirteen years later, Estelle Lefébure lost her mother in a terrible car accident. In an interview with Paris Match, the young woman explained: “The sudden loss of my parents when I was 23 and 34 years old was very hard. I was not prepared. It made me grow up too early. I I had no one above me to watch me anymore No one to give me lessons The only people allowed, my parents, were no longer there. I still have moments of sadness on the occasion of a date , of an event that reminds me of them. ” She had also added: “I am told about the difficulty of parents with Alzheimer’s, in nursing homes. It is not a consolation! Give me a few days with my parents, I take them, regardless of their condition.”

Estelle Lefébure: “No one is immortal”

On December 5, 2017, the pretty blonde lost her former stepfather, Johnny Hallyday. In mourning, it is in the columns of Madame Figaro that she had confided: “He is the grandfather of my daughters. There is an indestructible bond between us all. The family is very important to me … because no one is immortal. ” Finally, she added: “We must say to ourselves that we must take advantage of it. Take advantage of the places. Enjoy even the silence, the emptiness. A meeting. What life offers us. Enjoying is a bit a synonym for me of ‘and why not?’ “

Grandmother of Estelle Lefébure © Instagram

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