She suffers from not having had more time by their side … Very young, Estelle Lefébure lost her parents, Gilles and Denise. Indeed, his father died the day after his marriage to David Hallyday, September 16, 1989. Thirteen years later, his mother was killed in a terrible car accident. In an interview with Paris Match, the pretty blonde said: “The sudden loss of my parents when I was 23 and 34 was very hard. I was not prepared. It made me grow up too soon. I I didn’t have anyone above me to watch me anymore. No one to give me lessons. The only ones allowed, my parents, were no longer there. I still have moments of sadness on the occasion of a date , of an event that reminds me of them. ”

Still very affected by the disappearance of his parents, the model revealed: “I am told about the difficulty of parents with Alzheimer’s, in nursing homes. It is not a consolation! Give me a few days with my parents, I take them, it doesn’t matter what condition they are. The other years before, I haven’t had them. ” With emotion, Estelle Lefébure explained: “Death surprised me. We do not prepare people enough for this shock. See how this pandemic has burst into our lives. Yet death is there every day. The Covid has made it an event. But we die of other things, of cancer, of stroke. We fear death too much, in the West. But it is part of the cycle of life! I have another approach to it because she hit me young. ”

Estelle Lefébure: “I lost my parents too early”

This is not the first time that Estelle Lefébure has confided in the death of her parents. In 2017, the mother of three explained: “I lost my parents too early, too young, too hastily. I believe that we are never ready to accept these trials of life.” While she refuses to feed regrets, the pretty blonde had added: “Today, I do not have any. And I do not want to have any! I had younger ones, especially when I lost my dad and my mom. When my dad passed away, I was only 23, I was too young. So we think about what we could have done, why we didn’t go see him more, why we haven’t told him everything … There are bound to be regrets. ”

Estelle Lefébure © VEEREN

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