It’s a moment she’s been looking forward to. Currently on vacation, Estelle Lefébure has left the grayness of Paris to come and enjoy the seaside for a summer worthy of the name. On the program, stroll on the beach, sunsets, but also, reunion with his 10-year-old son Giuliano. “Finally reunited”, she wrote in the caption of an adorable snapshot posted on Instagram of her embracing her son in front of the sea. A touching snapshot, accompanied by the hashtags “unconditional love” “love of child “and” my baby “.

A true lioness when it comes to her children, Estelle Lefébure would give anything for them, she who tries not to pass for the “mother-girlfriend” and not to be intrusive. While she coaxes her daughters Ilona and Emma, ​​born from her marriage to David Hallyday, the model is also completely gaga over her son Giuliano, born of her love affair with Pascal Ramette, from whom she separated in 2014. Discreet about her private life, it is not uncommon for Estelle Lefébure to occasionally share photos of her little boy, always taking care not to reveal his face, and this surely for his privacy, he who does not have for the moment not the same popularity as her sisters, who are model and actress.

Is Estelle Lefébure close to her children?

Very close to her three children, the model, who assumes her wrinkles on social networks, has always been proud of the relationship she has with each of them, even if sometimes she finds herself separated from them. “We have never cut ourselves off from each other as can happen in some families, even during their adolescence”, she had confided in the past, explaining that she had always kept in touch with them, despite the distance. “Ilona knows everything about my life and I know everything about hers. However, I am not a mother-friend, I do not like this term!”, She had confided in particular about her eldest, as an example that relations with her children are in good shape.

Estelle Lefébure and her son Giuliano © Instagram

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