This is a surprise announcement that no one expected. According to information from the Parisian, Estelle Denis and Raymond Domenech have ended their relationship. Their break-up dates back several months already, but the former lovers do not wish to talk about it. The former couple had two children during their relationship. Their daughter Victoire was born in 2004, and their son Merlin in 2007. In February 2021 already, Estelle Denis had mentioned a possible marital conflict. While his companion, Raymond Domenech had just been fired from FC Nantes after only two months on the coaching bench, Estelle Denis had no hesitation in laughing at this situation on the set of his show on L’Equipe 21 .

In addition to being fired, he had to remain in solitary confinement since he had tested positive for Covid-19 in the process. A double penalty, which had amused the mother of the family. A situation that had troubled their relationship even if Estelle Denis had immediately mentioned the second degree. Moreover, in the columns of Nice-matin, March 3, 2021, she made a point of specifying that this outing was not mean but good humor. She has always made it a point of honor not to mix up her private life and her professional life. She felt that whether it was her mate or not, the situation was still very funny.

Estelle Denis did not want to mix her private and professional life

“I always considered him my consultant when he was on my set, whether at M6 or on L’Equipe. I’ve always had the habit of dissociating the two,” she insisted. She would have reacted the same way if it hadn’t been her mate.

Estelle Denis and Raymond Domenech © COADIC GUIREC

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