It is a surreal situation that the Essonne police faced on Sunday, January 8. That day, around noon, police officers were approached by passers-by who told them that a man was undressing on the road to Grigny, in Viry-Chatillon. Once there, they discover an imposing man, completely naked, his shorts on the calves and without shoes, in the center of a roundabout.

According to information from the Parisian, the 29-year-old man confirmed to the agents that he himself was a police officer stationed at the Paris court in Batignolles, in the 17th arrondissement. Quickly evacuated by firefighters to the nearest hospital, he would have struggled and would have ended up breaking the interior handle of the rescue and assistance vehicle for victims, making it impossible to open it from the inside.

The policeman had consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms

During his arrest by the police, the official explained that he had consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms on the occasion of New Year’s Eve and that he was still on a “bad trip”. After arriving at Longjumeau hospital, the man was taken into police custody for sexual exhibitionism and degradation of public property. His police custody was then lifted, the doctors having deemed his state of health incompatible with this measure.

Placed under sedatives, the 29-year-old man remained in hospital. “The policeman was hospitalized, and at this time, his police custody has still not resumed” said the Evry prosecutor’s office on Wednesday January 11. For their part, the police went to his home to carry out a search. On the spot, she discovered 73 g of cannabis resin as well as a catalog for the purchase of the narcotic. Elements that should not play in his favor in the case.

Essonne: naked, his shorts on the calves ... A policeman arrested in a surreal situation

Policeman © Photo by Clovis Wood Photography on Unsplash

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