The facts took place on Monday, November 14, 2022 in the afternoon on bus line 297, which connects the town of Antony in Hauts-de-Seine to Longjumeau, in Essonne. An argument broke out between the bus driver and a female passenger. According to the RATP, the aggression would have burst after “a remark of this same driver against a person who forced the passage by the back of the bus with a stroller”. The woman in question had a first altercation, this one verbal, with the bus driver.

But then she called her partner, who managed to get on the bus at the next stop. The man was accompanied by other people and allegedly physically assaulted the driver this time. The woman’s spouse reportedly punched the driver several times in the face. Called to the scene, the firefighters, the police and the RATP security agents immediately intervened on the spot. The driver was then in very bad shape: “He was transported to the hospital with an open arch”. One of the individuals managed to flee but was identified by the police.

The bus driver complained

He was arrested the same evening by agents of the anti-crime brigade, who arrested him “in the parking lot of a residence on avenue Charles-de-Gaulle, in Chilly-Mazarin, where the suspect was habit of hanging out”. He was taken into custody at the Palaiseau police station. On the driver’s side, the latter exercised his right of withdrawal and filed a complaint. The RATP “condemns in the strongest terms this unacceptable act of violence and gives its full support to the operator”.

Essonne: a quarrel over a stroller on a bus turns tragic

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