For Hayet Abidal, impossible to remain silent. Even if she is in the process of divorce with Eric Abidal, after the revelation of her extramarital affair with Kheira Hamraoui, she decided to step up to defend him. On her Instagram account this Tuesday, April 5, she gave a huge rant against a “disrespectful and despicable media relentlessness”. “This has been going on for too long, it’s time for it to stop,” added Hayet Abidal, captioning screenshots of a message from Meliana Abidal, the former couple’s daughter. The reason for their anger? An explosive revelation from El Confidential. In an article, the Spanish newspaper reveals that no relationship has been found between Eric Abidal and Gérard Armand, who is the donor of the liver transplant that the footballer received in the early 2010s.

A Barcelona court is investigating a possible case of organ trafficking from which the former FB Barcelona player would have benefited. “It shocked me. I wondered if I had understood the article correctly, reacted the donor in the columns of Parisian. Because Eric is really my first cousin. His father is the brother of my mother, and I had brought the birth certificate to prove it when I was summoned to Barcelona in court.” In this case, the donor is a civil party, as revealed by our colleagues. “When the case came out (in 2018), we got confused. I told him it was not a man. Since then, nothing. […] I’m not going to lie to you, I knew that we were going to come to this, explained Gérard Armand. From the start, this story has been suspicious. I said to myself, the longer this case takes, the weirder it is. “

Eric Abidal supported by his relatives

In Instagram story after the publication of this survey, Eric Abidal’s daughter defended her famous dad. “I find it shameful that after so much damage to my father and my family, lies continue to spread about my father’s transplant. It seems that we have not all suffered enough for the press to continue to add fuel to the fire”, wrote the young woman. And to add: “Since I was 14 years old I have seen this news that comes up every year … I do not want me and my little brothers and sisters to live in an environment in which we constantly have to deny this false news” . In this possible legal case, Eric Abidal will therefore be able to count on the unfailing and precious support of his family, even of the one who will very soon be his ex-wife.

Hayet and Eric Abidal © RACHID BELLAK

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