Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, is in full promotion for her very first novel entitled “Her Heart for a Compass”, and it is on this occasion that she confided exclusively in People. In addition to his book to be published on August 3, which will talk about one of his ancestors, Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott, the one we colloquially call Fergie also spoke about his family. Married for 10 years to Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson wanted to defend the father of her two daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, in the face of the accusations he is facing at the moment. Close to billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew indeed continues to be at the heart of the turmoil.

“Regardless of the challenges he faces, I firmly defend the co-parents that we are together … I firmly believe that he is a kind and good man, and he has always been a fantastic father. for the girls”. As a reminder, Prince Andrew continues to deny allegations that he was involved in or had knowledge of the actions of Jeffrey Epstein. He was also removed from the royal family because of his links with the former American businessman. Although Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew divorced in 1996, the Duchess of York continues to be associated with her former husband and the controversies that accompany him.

Unwavering support, but for how long?

Despite relations which remain cordial with the royal family, Sarah Ferguson was not invited to the funeral of Prince Philip which took place last April. Indeed the Duke of Edinburgh did not carry his former daughter-in-law in his heart and considered her, according to a close source, as “strange and useless”. Neither these criticisms which Sarah Ferguson has no doubt heard of, nor his tumultuous history with Prince Andrew, in any case, prevent him from remaining faithful to him and supporting him publicly in these difficult times. A decision that seems to have changed over time since not so long ago, Sarah Ferguson had expressed the wish not to appear officially on the arm of Prince Andrew.

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