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Enrico Macias confides in the difficult months that followed his hospitalization

After being confined for long weeks to limit the spread of the coronavirus, which he himself contracted, Enrico Macias was anxious to be able to leave his home when the government decided to lift the containment. So, at the end of May 2020, he decided to leave his home to find the streets of Paris. However, the ride did not go as planned at all. “I started to leave my house, happy to finally live again, to find this Paris which took me in its arms. I missed a step on a sidewalk. I fell heavily and I broke my collar. I was operated on the same evening and I then spent two months in a hospital room “, he confided in the columns of Soir Mag. No sooner was his freedom regained than he again became a prisoner of a place, this time: the hospital.

A new confinement that was very difficult for the 81-year-old singer. Although he admits that the nurses were very helpful, he suffered a lot. “I slept a lot, but poorly, because I was woken up early in the morning for treatment. I was so exhausted that I couldn’t even watch TV. To be honest, I also had moments of deep depression. “, he said again. Enrico Macias was therefore in low spirits. Fortunately, today he was able to leave the hospital and is in great shape.

Enrico Macias had contracted the coronavirus

The last few months have not been kind to the singer. Just before he was the victim of his accident, he had contracted the coronavirus. Although he did not have the common symptoms at all, he was in great pain. “I didn’t have a fever, I wasn’t coughing but I had terrible abdominal pain,” he explained. Although he did not need to be hospitalized, he was still very scared and very tired.

Enrico Macias © Marc de Tienda

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