Since their earliest childhood, Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 36, have been inseparable! These Australians, originally from Perth, do everything together. They eat together, sleep together and also share the same man. The two sisters, who consider themselves the most identical twins in the world, have been dating Ben Byrne, 41, for 9 years now. A threesome that suits them perfectly. “We are never jealous. If he kisses Anna, he will kiss me right after, and he will never separate us. He loves us as we are,” Lucy told the Daily Mail.

Anna and Lucy feel particularly understood in this unusual relationship: “In the past, we had our own partners but they did not understand the bond that unites us. Some men have tried to separate us while Ben accepts us, he treats the same way.” According to the twins, their companion is even one of the only people who knows how to distinguish between them: “Ben has been able to tell us apart since day one. Our mother can’t tell us apart, while he can tell the difference, even on the phone.” Now, the trio wants to start a family.

Their new goal? Get pregnant at the same time

Since getting engaged to Ben in June 2021, Anna and Lucy have wanted to bring their romance to life with the arrival of a child. The two twins have already planned everything to get pregnant at the same time. Their solution? Freeze their eggs at the same time and resort to in vitro fertilization. “We want to experience pregnancy together,” Lucy said, while Anna went one better, “We’re freezing our eggs at the same time. Who knows what the future holds, but we want to do it together.” It will be a challenge, but everything in our life is a challenge. We want to be together all the time.”

Engaged to the same man, these identical twins want to get pregnant at the same time


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