End of the run for a man who raped 17 models

“It turned our brains over,” confided a model before the tribunal of the Assize Court of the Gironde, in 2019. In total, 17 young women barely out of adolescence testified against Philippe Lebon that day. Whoever is a photographer, self-taught masseur and personal development coach is tried for rape and sexual assault. He was then sentenced to 9 years in prison and then appeared again free for his second trial, March 5, 2021. But on the last day of the hearing, the defendant slipped away and disappeared. The Assize Court then condemns him to 14 years of criminal imprisonment and issues an arrest warrant against him.

After a careful investigation, Philippe Lebon was found on April 28, in Morbihan. Since the end of his run, he has been imprisoned at the Lorient-Ploemeur penitentiary center.

“I thought to myself that maybe I was lucky and that you have to suffer in order to be successful.”

“He claimed that we were privileged so I said to myself that I might be lucky and that I had to suffer to be successful,” confided one of the victims in court in 2019. At the time , Philippe Lebon succeeds in winning the confidence of twenty young women who dream of becoming models. He offers them to launch their careers by giving them self-confidence, and by changing their image as told by Sud Ouest at the time of the events.

During the coaching sessions he offers, the 40-year-old performs special massages, qualified as rape by criminal law. During the photoshoots, he asks the young women to pose naked in front of him, also naked “because the clothes block the energies”.

An investigation still underway on Philippe Lebon

If Philippe Lebon is now behind bars, justice remains convinced that he benefited from the help of a third party to escape and reach Morbihan on March 4. For this, an investigation for concealment of a criminal is still in progress, as confirmed by Sud Ouest. The penal code provides that “the fact of providing the perpetrator or accomplice of a crime with accommodation, a place of retirement, subsidies, means of existence or any other means of protecting him from search or arrest is punished by three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros “.

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