Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy: his father Victor Emmanuel winks at his mother in his Christmas greetings

“The past year will be forever etched in our minds and hearts.” Through a column published in Il Giornale, Victor Emmanuel of Savoy sent his end-of-year wishes to the Italians. In these, he spoke of the health crisis, but also paid tribute to his mother, Queen Marie-José. The pretender to the throne of Italy began his vows by unveiling: “The pandemic, which struck like a cyclone, our homeland and the whole world, turned our lives upside down, struck our loved ones with ruthless coldness, confined us to our homes and had a tsunami effect on the economy, destroying in days the security of a globalized world that felt invincible. ” Positive, he added: “So far we have faced this adversity with a patriotic spirit, ultimately looking beyond factions and partisan interests.”

With pride, the father of Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy underlined the fact that “many Italians have perhaps rediscovered the meaning of the motherland, the value of institutions and civic solidarity in a country which certainly has not need to refer to international models, because from his roots, he knows how to draw the necessary energy to continue walking on the path of history. ” After thanking the health professionals who worked so hard this year, Victor Emmanuel de Savoie paid tribute to his mother’s resilience. He wrote: “In a few weeks, next January 27, will be the 20th anniversary of the death of my mother, Queen Marie-José. In recent months, I have often thought about her and her courage in the face of all the difficulties of life, also thanks to a recently published volume about the Italian Red Cross and dedicated to her work as a volunteer nurse. “

“Marie José was able to make me understand the importance of a smile”

Admiringly, Clotilde Courau’s stepfather added: “We talk a lot about ‘resilience’: here, I think that a large part of my mother’s life, especially during the Second World War, was lived under the sign of this virtue. Above all, Marie José was able to make me understand the importance of a smile which, alongside irony, is always the best antidote to face daily setbacks, large and small. ” Marie-José of Belgium died on January 27, 2001 at the cantonal hospital of Geneva at the age of 94. She was thus buried alongside her husband, Humbert II – who died on March 18, 1983 at the age of 78 – at the Abbey of Hautecombe in Savoy.

Victor Emmanuel of Savoy and Emmanuel-Philibert of Savoy ©

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