Cash secrets! Back in the movies, Emma Thompson plays a woman who has never had an orgasm and hires a sex worker to change that, in the movie Good Luck to You, Leo Grande. In an interview with Glamor US, the actress assured that female pleasure was still taboo. She said: “No one talks about women’s sexual pleasure because they are not interested in it. As soon as erectile dysfunction started to happen, a drug was immediately invented. Of course! Women and their bodies – menstruation, menopause – we’re not talking about all that. Especially if you’re feeling uncomfortable with your body and you don’t like it, it’s pretty hard to say then, ‘Oh, you should be having a lot of sexual pleasure.’ So all of these things are connected – all of the deletions of information about the female body.”

Feeling that we don’t care enough about women’s pleasure, Emma Thompson said: “The orgasm gap is obviously a physiological thing, but it’s also because nobody cares about women’s pleasure. men’s pleasure has always been made more important – has always been women’s purpose in a way. So women are there for male pleasure. They’re not there for their own pleasure.” After declaring that the younger generation was more informed, the 63-year-old actress said of the sexual revolution in the 1960s: “I think a lot of feminists my age now look back and say, ‘Wait a minute, was it really for us? Some of it was for us. It’s nice not to get pregnant every time you fuck someone. But was it really about pleasure? Our pleasure?’ “

Emma Thompson: “Often the immediate response is shame”

During this interview, the star explained that the change would go through education. “We’ve kind of relegated sex to our genitals, which is reductive and also completely wrong. People feel desire in all sorts of different parts of their bodies,” she said before lamenting: ” Young children start having sexual feelings very early and often the immediate response is shame.” In conclusion, it was after revealing that she had been very open about the subject with her daughter that Emma Thompson added: “The intimacy of communication since we were very, very small will really help us navigate the feelings that we feel in other parts of our body. We don’t include discussions of sex in our daily lives, and the cost of that is very high.”

Emma Thompson © Zuma Press


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