A few days ago, the daughter of singer David Halliday had shared a souvenir snapshot to her followers on Instagram. We see a photo of her as a child which did not fail to make an impact on her father David. Moreover, the singer gladly reacted and commented on the publication. This time, this April 20, 2021, the 23-year-old actress shared a superb photo of herself in the water with a very low-cut swimsuit. What made the unanimity with his fans and his community who did not fail to send messages.

This image did not leave the network indifferent. Moreover, some fans have clearly compared the young star to Pamela Anderson. A comment that is easily understood when we know that this photo truly deserves a place in a remake of Alert in Malibu.

“Emma Smet confides”

Remember that Emma Smet plays in the film Tomorrow Belongs to Us. In one of the scenes, the character played by the actress is seen jumping off a bridge. Moreover, Ilona Smet’s sister confided in this scene. “I even offered to do the stunt, to do the plunge from the top of the bridge, but after seeing the weather when we shot this scene I was not more disturbed than that that an understudy would do it. my place. It might be for the next time! ” she confessed.

The actress also spoke about her scar. “I landed badly on an iron dresser and opened my browbone when I was younger wanting to do a backflip. At the time I didn’t have an eyebrow, but luckily it has grown back since, even if I still have this hole which remains visible “, confides Emma Smet


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