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Emma Corrin (The Crown): this very rebellious gesture on the front page of a British magazine

Emma Corrin would she share with Lady Diana her rebellious side? On Sunday 15 November, fans of The Crown were able to discover in season 4 of the series the long-awaited arrival of the Princess of Wales, at the time she met Prince Charles, thus offering the United Kingdom and the Windsor a royal wedding worthy of the name. A princess of hearts brilliantly interpreted by actress Emma Corrin, for whom the resemblance to Diana is striking, and who also seems to have taken hold of her rebellious side, as she shows on the cover of the British edition of Glamor.

For her photoshoot, it is natural that the 24-year-old actress posed, revealing her hair under her arms. A rebellious gesture in a glamor industry like the cinema, but which for Emma Corrin is a means of normalizing the body hair of women, she who took a long time to take the plunge. “I have been in a relationship and I guess I was programmed to think that I should probably shave for the good of both parties,” she explained, explaining that she is now single and free to shave. let its hairs grow as it sees fit.

Emma Corrin doesn’t like the term “icon” to refer to Diana

A small step for Emma Corrin, who delivered as never before about Lady Diana in the columns of Glamor UK, and the importance for her to give back to the princess her titles of nobility. Starting by refuting for her the status of icon, which has surrounded her for several years. “I find that the word icon in reference to any woman that we put on a pedestal is quite simplistic”, explains the actress, who specifies that for her “the icon label ignores who Diana was and her beautiful complexity”. “She was called the People’s Princess because people felt they could relate to her. It’s so much more important than any type of label,” she concluded.

Emma Corrin © Backgrid

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