Emma Corrin (The Crown): her curious link with Harry Styles

The expression “the world is small” has never taken on so much meaning as on November 17 during the Jimmy Fallon show. Tonight Show guest Emma Corrin, whose popularity has grown day by day since her portrayal of Lady Di in The Crown, has revealed she knows Harry Styles. If at first glance one can wonder if the two artists had a romantic relationship, it is not. “He took care of my dog ​​once,” revealed the 24-year-old actress. She then explained the terms of this meeting, “I was having dinner near his house and he took care of Spencer for me.” Emma Corrin however clarified that it only happened once “He hasn’t done it since. I think it’s because in the middle of the meal I got a message saying” he doesn’t stop farting, is that normal? “said the young actress. If this anecdote may seem trivial, she said all the same while laughing that what she finds” wonderful “is the makes her dog have no idea who Harry Styles is. “To Spencer, it was just a person,” she said.

Lady Di, an unknown princess?

During her interview for the British edition of GQ, Emma Corrin returned to her role as Lady Di in season 4 of The Crown. “She has no idea what she is getting herself into and it was exciting to play because I got to show the sides of someone people don’t know.” The 24-year-old actress also referred to Prince Harry and Prince William, explaining that she “can’t imagine” what they will feel like seeing this series. “I’m not going to say that’s okay because if someone was doing a series about my grandmother who passed away last year, it would be hard for me to watch,” she said. However, she would be “interested in knowing what they think” even though she would be “too afraid to ask them”. Emma Corrin only played Lady Di in season 4 of the series since it is Elizabeth Debicki who will take over for seasons 5 and 6. As a reminder, season 4 of The Crown takes place in the 1980s and is full of twists and turns on the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Season 4 has been available since November 15 on Netflix.

Emma Corrin © Instagram

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