Eminem: one of the rapper’s adopted children comes out and announces that he is non-binary

In addition to being a renowned rapper, Eminem is also a happy family man. From his union with his wife Kim was born a daughter named Hailie Jade now 25 years old. The star later adopted two more children Alaina, 28, and Whitney, 19, who now goes by the name Stevie. The last child of the siblings has indeed decided to come out non-binary on social networks, specifying that we could use the pronouns “they / she / he (iel, elle, il)” for the ‘recall. In a video posted on TikTok, Stevie recounts his journey and explains how he came to question his gender. As a reminder, a non-binary person does not identify himself as a man or as a woman. In the images, we can thus understand the evolution and transformation that Stevie has gone through over the years. Stevie now sports a very androgynous look, a nose piercing, a short cut as well as a bleached blonde color.

“Watch me become more comfortable with myself, grow and change forever,” Stevie said, using the hashtags “#genderfluid” or “#nonbinary” in several of her posts. Note that in 2017, Stevie had already announced to be bisexual, in a message posted on Instagram and now deleted.

Eminem, dad proud of his children

Very protective of his children, Eminem lives in tune with their choices and even considers fatherhood to be one of his “greatest accomplishments”: “I am proud to tell myself that I helped raise them. It is probably the thing of which I am the most proud ”he had confided last year, during an interview on the program of his friend Mike Tyson.

Stevie © Instagram

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